Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dreitzler, Lyn (Anderson)

Wow....40 years.....I am Lyn Dreitzler Anderson, I lived on the horse farm between Snohomish and Monroe, with my mother and brother. I went to Green River Community College after graduation where I completed The Occupational Therapy Assistant Program. I met my husband Randy there, who completed his degree in Criminal Justice. We married November 8, 1974. We had 4 daughters, Beth 1976, Becky 1977, Megann 1979, Lindsey 1983. I was a stay at home mom, while my husband pursued his career as a police officer, first in Fife,then Puyallup till he went out on disability in 1991. I am on the boards of various family business;was coordinator for 10 years, of the Advanced and Junior Yr Programs, in our region, for the United States Dressage Federation; and am currently a board member of the Puyallup Fair Foundation.

Our 4 daughters are grown and married. We have 5 grand children, 3 girls and 2 boys. Life is good! Randy and I are enjoying our grand children, and each other. We still live in Puyallup on the farm we raised our family.

I would love to hear from classmates, my e mail address in

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

01-22-10 Everett Herald Article About Closing the Old Gym at SHS

Keith Olson shared this link about the last wrestling meet in the Old Gym (which was our new gym) in B Building at SHS, from an article published  01-22-10 in the Everett Herald.

The article quotes Fred Zylstra, who was one of only 4 SHS State Wrestling Champions.