Monday, August 31, 2009

Reunion Plans Afoot

A first, informal meeting of the SHS Class of 1970 reunion committee, met over food and drinks at Kris (Johnson) and Craig Hansen's house in July. We dutifully lined up for a photo. Front Row Kneeling L-R: Chuck Swoboda, Jane Rowe Stimson; Middle Row L-R: Debbie Bachart Harrington, Kaye Salvadelena Sterley, Kris Johnson Hansen, Kathi Prater Taylor, Keith Olson; Back Row L-R: Dick Harrington, Caryl Maddy Thorp, Don Sterley, Craig Hansen, Scott Gillies.

Another meeting, more formal, took place August, 30, in Snohomish. Plans are definitely afoot. They'll be posted soon. Seated, L-R: Craig Hansen, Glenn Santeford, Dennis Trautman. Standing, L-R: Keith Olson, Caryl Maddy Thorp, Kris Johnson Hansen, Kristy Downes Kelly, Kathy Lewis Adams, Denise Raines Alexander.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Carr, Mike

This is almost like writing a resume. It seems like we all thought we would never make it past 30 let alone the year 2000 and yet here we are sneaking up on 2010. So here's my shot at the past 40 years.

1973 to 1977 I co-owned and managed a fishing and hunting resort in Tonasket, WA. 1977 to 1980 I worked for MARCO marine in Seattle and married in 1977. Divorced, one daughter who is now 27. Went back to college at the ripe old age of 32 and received my degrees in psychology and english literature. Graduated from the University of Puget Sound in 1986.

Sold my soul to get the university to pay for my education but also got to work with entertainers like Robin Williams, Dizzy Gillespie, Maya Angelo etc.

Back to the world of manufacturing and operations and have been in turn around scenarios for the past 20+ years. I'm currently with a firm in Algona, WA and plan to retire in a couple of years.

After that, I will consult and finish my book on manufacturing and business operations.
After almost 20 years, I remarried in 1999. Between Kris and myself, we have six grandkids, 3 boys and three girls.

Vacations are usually 2+ weeks out on the motorcycle (Harley Davidson) and playing golf.
Technology was supposed to free up our time but I've found that there is more information to process and the work days just get longer.

We own a second home in Port Ludlow and hope to retire there in a few years. Currently live in Auburn, WA. and have been here since 1989.

Got a few breaks and as Andy Warhol said, "we'll all get 15 minutes of fame." I managed to get featured in Inc. Magazine and was featured on PBS back in the early 90's.

Was back up in the Everett/Arlington area for almost three years ( 2004- 2007) doing a merger and moving the companies to Everett just down from the Boeing plant.

Well that's pretty much it. Am part of the Classmates site and the grandkids have now got me hooked up on Facebook.

Looking forward to the reunion.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Davis, Kathy (McIntyre)

Hello all! I moved to Australia right after graduating from WSU in 1975. What was supposed to be a two-year contract to teach school, turned into 35 years somehow. I married, had two sons, divorced (still have the two sons), and have continued to teach primary school - Year 7 in a Catholic school. After many, many years alone, I met up with a man I will be sharing the rest of my life with and we have a wonderful life - five children between us, two grandchildren, and two Old English Sheepdogs (which are much easier to raise than kids).

I rarely come back to America anymore, but am planning a trip next summer to see my aunt who lives in Portland. As it's our 40th year, I was hoping there might be a reunion so I'd have a chance to see a few 'old' faces. I hope the reunion bandwagon is rolling and there will be heaps of people to catch up with. As I've missed all the other reunions, I'm sure no one will even know who I am..... what fun!

Here's to 1970 and a LOT of memories.
Kathy Davis

Picture from my December 18 wedding

Yes, it's official: I've got a flight booked from Australia (finally) and will make an appearance at my first ever class reunion! It's a duel visit, as I'm coming over to visit my 85 year-old auntie who lives down in Portland. This trip I'm coming alone and leaving my (very new) husband here to mind our dogs. He has a daughter who lives in Wales, and a trip over to see her is next on the agenda, so this time I'm coming alone. Hopefully, my 'date' will be a wonderful friend from the class of '71, DeeAnn Shull Hudson. Fingers crossed!

I look forward - with a bit of apprehension, too - at seeing so many people after such a length of time. Most I haven't seen since I was 17 years old, and that was certainly a couple of years ago. I hope as many people as possible can attend and make this the best reunion yet!

All the best from Down Under,

Kathy Davis McIntyre

Friday, August 14, 2009

Prater, Kathi (Taylor)

I moved to South Dakota in November of 1970, and I've lived here ever since. I met and married my husband, Terry, early in 1971 (we'll celebrate our 39th anniversary in February). I have 2 sons, 3 grandchildren (2 -eight year old girls, and a five year old boy), 4 step grandchildren (ranging in age from 11-15, 3 girls and a boy), and 2 honorary granddaughters (ages 7 and 10). We're a noisy bunch when we all get together, and being a Grandma is even more wonderful than I hoped it would be.

I'm a writer, with six Tory Bauer Mysteries (all out of print), and four knitting books (Knit One Felt Too, Yarns to Dye For, I Heart Felt, and The Big Book of Socks, which is hitting the stands as I type this). I am just beginning work on my fifth knitting book, which will be my 11th book over all.
I talk, at length, about all of this stuff on my blog, Kathleen Taylor's Dakota Dreams ( My e-mail address is:

I've kept in touch with many classmates over the years, and am very much looking forward to our 40th Class Reunion.
Kathi Prater Taylor