Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1972, 1974, 1977 Chuck Swoboda Photos

Dave Troupe and Chuck Swoboda: Dave and I in front of our first apartment in Sunnyvale, CA. August 1972

Ski Trip to Tahoe 1977
Front: Diane Mahoney, Kay Salvadelena
Staircase: Chuck Swoboda, Don Sterley, Craig Hansen, ?

Same Tahoe Trip: Don Sterley, Diane Mahoney, Craig Hansen (behind Diane), ?
Kirkland Party 1977: Kris Anderson, Jackie Swoboda, Kay and Don Sterley, Paul Moon, and others

Kris Anderson and Jackie Schweigert in Canada

Kris Anderson

Photos courtesy: Chuck Swoboda

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chuck Swoboda Barefoot Track Photo

Front: Chuck Swoboda
Background: Kevin Williams, Gale Wolfe, Larry Yeamen, Bob Stevens

Photo Courtesy: Chuck Swoboda

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tribune Article- Kindergarten at the Methodist Church

Snohomish Tribune about the classroom shortage in town, featuring Mrs. Bauerman's Kindergarten class which was held at the Methodist Church.

photo courtesy Chuck Swoboda

Monday, May 17, 2010

Junior Prom entertainment

Entertainment at  Junior Prom (possibly our senior year).
Photos Courtesy of Chuck Swoboda.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Class Reunion Flyer and Info- Change of Venue for Picnic Sunday July 11

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Please note that the venue for the picnic Sunday  July 11 has changed. The location is now:

Swans Trail Farm
7301 Rivershore Road

Swans Trail Farms

Hot dogs and hamburgers provided. Please bring a salad, dessert, and your beverages.

Deadline on the registration form is June 10, but the sooner you let Caryl know, the better. The motel needs a headcount by June 10.

e-mail Caryl Maddy Thorp at SnoHS1970@yahoo.com  to be added to the e-mail notification list

This is the updated registration flyer

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sophomore Football Team Picture

Sophomore Football Team Picture

Front Row: Gale Wolfe, Ed Ledbetter, Chuck Swoboda, Mark Stobb, Steve Rice, Ed Pearson, Sam Sorensen, Jim Gilbertson, Dave Coffman, John Bates
Back Row: Kurt Thompson, Mike Hinchen, Scott Gillies, Jay Anderson, Pat Keaton, Randy Recor, Paul Moon, Tom Bannwarth, Jerry Ingalls, Chris Yesland

Photo Courtesy Chuck Swoboda

Monday, May 10, 2010

Nursing School Graduation- ECC 1972

Chuck Swoboda says: This is a nursing school graduation picture from Everett Community College, 1972, with several of our classmates. Kind of a Where is Waldo.

From SHS Clas of 1970:  Kristy Downes, Kay Salvadelena, Diane Mahoney, Karen Dawson, Cheryl Pearson, Joanne Seipp, Jackie Schweigert, and Cecelia Bean.
Any other IDs welcome.

Photo courtesy Chuck Swoboda

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chuck Swoboda Birthday Party Pictures

Chuck Swoboda Birthday Party- on the left: Doug Crawford, on the right: Paul Moon, back at the center of the table: Chuck Swoboda

Same Birthday Party: Paul Moon in the mask, Al Praeger, Stu Bates, Pete Mootheart, Neil McGee, Tom Tuohy, and Chuck Swoboda

From Chuck: This birthday party shows Roger McCutchen watching me blow out the candles with my sister's help and Jimmy Gilbertson pretending to help. The kid with the glasses is Neil Walker, a kid everybody liked. I can't recognize the four on the right from behind.

Photos and Commentary Courtesy: Chuck Swoboda

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Central School Halloween Costumes, Photo from Orcas Island Senior Picnic Ferry Ride

Unknown year- grade school Halloween Costumes
Front Row: Kris Johnson, Sue Harkness, Sandy Troupe
Back Row: Jane Rowe, Lynn Aubert, Lynn Taylor, Linda Hedman, Kris Andersen
Far Back: Brian Johnson

Photo Snapped on the Ferry to or from Orcas Island for our Senior Picnic
L-R: Jane Shanley, Jane Rowe, Jackie Schweigert, Karla Schutt, Elroy Carlson, Ken Franz

photos courtesy Kris Johnson Hansen