Saturday, August 15, 2009

Davis, Kathy (McIntyre)

Hello all! I moved to Australia right after graduating from WSU in 1975. What was supposed to be a two-year contract to teach school, turned into 35 years somehow. I married, had two sons, divorced (still have the two sons), and have continued to teach primary school - Year 7 in a Catholic school. After many, many years alone, I met up with a man I will be sharing the rest of my life with and we have a wonderful life - five children between us, two grandchildren, and two Old English Sheepdogs (which are much easier to raise than kids).

I rarely come back to America anymore, but am planning a trip next summer to see my aunt who lives in Portland. As it's our 40th year, I was hoping there might be a reunion so I'd have a chance to see a few 'old' faces. I hope the reunion bandwagon is rolling and there will be heaps of people to catch up with. As I've missed all the other reunions, I'm sure no one will even know who I am..... what fun!

Here's to 1970 and a LOT of memories.
Kathy Davis

Picture from my December 18 wedding

Yes, it's official: I've got a flight booked from Australia (finally) and will make an appearance at my first ever class reunion! It's a duel visit, as I'm coming over to visit my 85 year-old auntie who lives down in Portland. This trip I'm coming alone and leaving my (very new) husband here to mind our dogs. He has a daughter who lives in Wales, and a trip over to see her is next on the agenda, so this time I'm coming alone. Hopefully, my 'date' will be a wonderful friend from the class of '71, DeeAnn Shull Hudson. Fingers crossed!

I look forward - with a bit of apprehension, too - at seeing so many people after such a length of time. Most I haven't seen since I was 17 years old, and that was certainly a couple of years ago. I hope as many people as possible can attend and make this the best reunion yet!

All the best from Down Under,

Kathy Davis McIntyre

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