Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Martin, Barb (Vopnford)

Presley as Hannah Montana

I've raised five wonderful children, and am blessed to have two beautiful grandchildren, Presley Grace, who will be 6 in November (yes she's named after Elvis, both of her parents being fans and Kelda was proposed to at Graceland, hence the name) They are expecting another daughter in January, and her name (being tied into Presley's name) will be Memphis Marie. As Kelda told me, and I'll pass on to you, think about it--it'll grow on you!! Kelda is on a leave of absence from her job as property manager for a real estate company in Fayetteville. She's got her real estate license, but has been acting as property manager for their rentals for the last year or so since the market has been so awful. My second son Josh, who directs the evening news for the ABC affiliate in Omaha, has a 2 1/2 year old son Peyton with his wife Tessa, who does media for Creighton University, is expecting a second son in March. Name picked out is Daniel Sage............Josh's middle name, after my father. I've got my own baby boom going on!! My oldest daughter Treena is married to Joey and each manage a take and bake pizza restaurant in Wichita KS. Treena and Joey don't have any biological children, but she's step mom to his boys. Also,and finally My oldest son Matt, who is mentally challenged, works at a boat place in Everett, and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. My youngest son Leif, whom I referred to as "my Jerry Ingalls" was an awesome athlete in school, QB of the FB team from sophomore on, starting varsity BB player sophomore on, broke a 29 year old high school record for triple jump and went to State in Track from freshman year through senior...........great kid without an ego ............ one of the BB game he was in, we were ahead by 30+ points, and they put him in in the last minute. He'd already scored 29 points. School record was 30. He got the ball down court and passed it to one of the 3rd string guys under the basket and the kid scored. I watched the coach walk him to the locker room, and when I got to that area, the coach took me aside and said "That is one great kid you've got. I asked him if he knew why I put him back in at the last minute, and he said yeah so I could break the school record. I asked him WHY he passed the ball to Matt, and he said because Matt never got to play and his parents were there and he knew Matt could score the bucket." Coach told me that was one of the most unselfish things he'd ever seen an athlete do...............and I bawled the whole way home!!! Leif works for Wells Fargo 2nd mortgages.......hopefully y'all are up to snuff on your 2nd mortgages or you might be talking to him!! lol

Went through some tremendous ups and downs. My ex husband and I had a huge company with two Learjets, blah blah blah.......come to find out he had a girlfriend half my age and a baby with her that was 5 months old before I knew about you'd read about in National Enquirer. His shenanigans left me with some horrific legal problems, but being a "survivor" I've worked through it all and would like to consider myself healed and serene!!

I now manage a restaurant in a small town 20 miles SW of Fayetteville, NC. The county I live in leads the nation in STD's and unwed pregnancies, and every redneck joke and picture that gets forwarded through emails, I SWEAR comes from Robeson County, where I live!!

Am so looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up!! God Bless each and every one of y'all!! ( I can say that, coming from the South!!)

Barb Martin Vopnford

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