Monday, September 7, 2009

Central Afternoon Kindergarten, Mrs. Stringer; Emerson Kindergarten, Mrs. Moothart

Thanks to Keith Olson for this picture of the (morning or afternoon?) Kindergarten class at Emerson, with Mrs. Moothart.
Row 1 (L-R): Don Sterley, ?, Joe Thaut, Cliff Bergland, Debbie Kendall, Pete Wilkinson, Wendy Jewett
Row 2 (L-R): Mike Freal, ?, ?, Mark Heckel, Diana Knott, Sharon Palella, Lorna Ford
Row 3 (L-R): ?, Keith Olson, Rick Packebush, Mike Hinchen, Karla Schutt, Jeff Hammons, Cindy Bueler
Row 4 (L-R): Karen Thomas, Pat Keaton, Tom Poier, ?, Kerry Headahl, Kim Powers
Afternoon Kindergarten, Central, Mrs. Stringer
Row 1 (L-R): ?, ?, ?. Paul Moon, Teri Miles, Jeff Boyd, Sandy Shoemaker, Jeanine Haugen
Row 2 (L-R): ?, ?, Kathi Prater, Karen and Kathy Lewis, Shirley Pearl, ?, ?
Row 3: ?, Laurel Brown, ?, Claudia Crawford, ?, ?, Kurt Thompson

If you can fill in some of the ?, or If I have anyone misidentified, please let me know. If you have other grade school class pictures, please send jpg scans to me at

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