Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jones, Colleen (Bowdish)

Got married in 1970, got divorced after 5 yrs and 2 kids, and have been single ever since. Been all over the place working for the airlines for the last 20 yrs and love it. Have finally kinda sorta settled in Fort Lauderdale Flordia and have been here for the last 4 yrs. Love it here and my life here.

I moved to Alaska in 1982 and stayed there until 1996 working for the oil companies as an accountant. Retired from them in 1991 and went to work scheduling flight crews for the airlines. When MarkAir went under I came back south and have been with 5 airlines since. Most of the airlines I worked for have gone under so it is “move on to the next one, where ever that may be.”

I lost my significant other last year after 22 years together so I am alone again, no complaints there. I love being single and plan on staying that way. I also lost my oldest boy in a car accident in Marysville in 1992 so I have 2 surviving boys…my 36 year old son lives in North Carolina and has a girl (11 yrs old) and a boy(9yrs old), my baby is 26 and lives in Riverside California and has one girl (4 yrs old).
Otherwise not much going on in my life, I have been in contact with several of my old classmates and we have been talking about the up coming reunion and I think I will make it to this one….

Colleen Jones Bowdish

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