Saturday, November 7, 2009

Central Grade School, 5th Grade, 1963, Miss King

Central Grade School, 1963, 5th Grade, Miss King

Row 1 (front): Steve Curnutt, ?. Mike Carr, Steve Romberger, ?, ?, Rick Crull, Chuck Swoboda, John Reed
Row 2: ?, Kurt Thompson, ?, ?, Sandy Troupe, ?, Jennie Brumley, Chris Hansen, ?, Donna Thomas, Kathy Cline, Miss King
Row 3: Teri Miles, Caryl Maddy(?), Chris Stites, Denise Raines, Laura Steinhaus, Mike Crocker, ?, Ernie Hill, Al Praeger

If you can identify any of the others, or if I have misidentified anyone, please let me know.

Photo courtesy of Mike Carr

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