Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kla-Ta-Wa 1970 Senior 12th Grade Annual- Part 9

Exchange Student Martha Rohr

2nd Semester ASB Officers: (captions switched in annual): Maggie Stone, Sue Repp, Jerry Ingalls, Cindy Bueler, Joe Thaut
1st Semester ASB Officers: Maggie Stone, Jerry Ingalls, Cindy Bueler, Dan Parker
Lettermen's Club Officers: Jay Anderson, Keith Olson, Jim Gilbertson, Jerry Ingalls

Girls Club Officers: Miss Stone, Elaine Hintze, Lorraine Peterson, Carol Kollmeyer, Jan Berg

Cecelia Bean, Margaret Holt, Cathy Spada, Renee Hibbert, Cathy Gilbertson, Kris Anderson, Mary Lawler, Cindy Bueler, Karen Dawson, Sue Repp, Caryl Maddy, Yvonne Mundell

Snohomish Class of 1970 Senior 12th Grade Annual

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