Sunday, July 11, 2010

40 Year Reunion- July 11Swans Trail Farm- Part 1

We had our 40 year class reunion picnic at Swans Trail Farm. It was a beautiful, sunny day.

Beautiful view at Swans Trail Farm

Apple trees

Andy Romanick, Julie Bueler Romanick, Rick Romanick

Larry Greenleaf, Dick Harrington, Steve Romberger, Larry Yeamen, ?, Harry Renken

Keith Olson, Joe Thaut, expert cooks

Lambs from the petting zoo

Larry Greenleaf, Harry Renken, Ken Heitman, Steve Romberger, Renee Hibbert Greenleaf

Mrs. Goodrich, Lyn Shawback, Steve Humphries, Tim Chonzena, Pam Fadden, Chris Stites, Donna Thomas, John Goodrich

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