Sunday, July 11, 2010

40 Year Reunion- July 10 Holiday Inn- Part 1

I had a harder time getting good pictures last night because of the lighting, but I tried to get a sense of the festivities.

Lynn Dreitzler Anderson and Mr. Anderson

? ?

Chris Stites, Steve Humphries, Denise Raines Alexander, Debbie Bachart Harrington

Debbie Wright Pate, Donna Thomas, Jonell Harris Elder, Kathy Lewis Adams

Paul Moon, Henry Vandevanter, ?, Linda Humphries, Steve Humphries, Craig Hansen, Mike George

Mike George, Kathy Cline, Denise Raines Alexander, Glenn Santeford, Keith Olson, Jonell Harris Elder

Kay Salvadelena Sterley, Peggy Hill Engeseth, John Engeseth

Wendy Ermence Olin, Barbara King, Corey King

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