Monday, February 15, 2010

Central School 1960-61 3rd Grade Mrs. Meiers

Central School, 1960-61 3rd Grade, Mrs. Meiers

Row 1: Neil Walker, Teri Miles, Gayle Schwartzmiller, Bob Reynolds
Row 2: Jim Seculich, Jean Knudsen, Melody Dana, Con Yoder, Dale Deierling, Lynn Taylor, Nancy Heath
Row 3: Caryl Maddy, Craig Hansen, Steve Romberger, Joyce Furr, Dave Pehling, Kathy or Karen Walker, Laurel Brown, Mike Crocker, Lyn Aubert
Row 4: Chris Olsen, Henry Vandevanter, Patty Schmidt, Elaine Erickson, ?, Alan Skyles, Kurt Thompson, Steve Marks, Ruby LeMaster

Scan courtesy of Chuck Swoboda
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If I have anyone misidentified, or if you can identify anyone, let me know

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