Thursday, February 18, 2010

Central School, 1963-1964 Miss Vincent

Central Elementary School 1963-1964 Miss Vincent

Row 1: Miss Vincent, Nancy Heath, Chuck Swoboda, Caryl Maddy, Ruby LeMaster, Kathy Cline
Row 2: Teri Miles, Mikie Koblik, Linda Blackburn, Donna Thomas, Craig Hansen, Steve Romberger, Loren Lyon, Laurel Brown, Jane Rowe
Row 3: Vicki Gerry, ?, Denise Raines, Bobby Rasmussen, Raymond Peterson, Dale Deierling, Cyndi Taylor, Larry Aney, Mary Kibbie
Row 4. Kris Anderson, Rod Reed, Gordy Taylor, Kris Oleson, Linda Johnson, Ruth Hatfield, Scott Gillies, Richard Crull, Melody Dana

Click on image to enlarge, right click to save. If I have mis-identified anyone, or if you can identify the ?s, let me know.

Scan courtesy of Chuck Swoboda

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