Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Central School 1962-1963 Miss Crawford 4th Grade

Central School 1962-1963 Miss Crawford 4th Grade

Row1: Steve Curnutt, Kris Anderson, Jeffrey Vaughn, Jane Rowe, Gordon Bedker, Teri Miles
Row 2: Kris Johnson, Peggy Hill, Roger McCutcheon, Melody Dana, Mike Crocker, Ruth Hatfield, Jim Gilbertson, Lynn Taylor, Michael Weller
Row 3. Jim Fredrickson, Kathy Davis, Billy Schmidt, Frances McCulloch, Steve Sparagno, Wade Boyd, Con Yoder, Kathy Brown, Chuck Swoboda
Row 4: Lalonie VanHess, Glen Allen, Chris Olson, John Reed, Jean Knutsen, Kurt Thompson, Claudia Crawford, Denise Raines, Paul Morton

If I have anhone misidentified, or if you can identify any of the others, let me know.
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Scan courtesy of Chuck Swoboda

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