Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fobes School Class Picture- 1959

This was a combined class, so some of the classmates graduated in 1969

Top Row, Left to Right: Cookie Heirman, Janet Engstrom, Ann Olson, Kristy Downes, Ken Engelbretsen, Teresa Engelbretsen (deceased), Mark Schoonover, Norma Larsen, Steve Humphries.

Second Row, Left to Right: Patsy Walden, Candy and Wendy Button, Mary Gregor, Jan Berg, Larry Lorentzen (deceased), Colleen (Dolly) Bagwell, Unknown, Kathy Fagan

Third Row, Left to Right: Marina Luepke, Craig Somes, Vicki Klemme, Unknown, Karen Nearing, Terri Dickerson, Susie White, Cindy Weed, MaryLou Kincaid

Bottom Row: Mrs. Blodgett and Wendy Ermence

Scan courtesy Kristy Downes Kelly

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