Friday, March 12, 2010

Harry Renken's Woodchoppers

From Harry Renken: Well, gee, at the risk of looking egotistical, here's what I'm pretty proud of: Woodchoppers. I have built numerous fullsize choppers. Some I sold. Some were presents. Some are tributes to fallen bikers. Some have been in newspapers,magazines,taverns,bars,art gallerys,bike shows and numerous parades. It's just a hobby for me but I'm proud of every one of them and wished I could have kept them all. There is one on display on the Menzel lake road 4 miles south of Granite Falls going towards Lake Roesiger. There is one on the wall in the Spar Tree tavern in Granite falls. There is one on the roof of the Stump bar and grill in Arlington. But I do have 2 real Harleys in my garage. They're plum purdy.

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