Monday, March 15, 2010

The Hub Closes

From Keith Olson: Bad news. The Hub has gone the way of Herfy's, closing on Sunday after a 50-year run. Another Snohomish institution lost. Sad. Had my last Panther Burger on Friday, lunching at the Hub with Joe Thaut and the DeBellis brothers. Like that line in Pulp Fiction, I can only say, "That's one tasty burger." Almost ordered a Diet Coke to go with it, then thought, why bother. Washed it down with a straight Coke and had fries too, although I didn't finish all those. No way I could ever have challenged Howard Anderson's record of five PB's in 50 minutes. I think Panther Burgers went for $1 back then. Those were the days.

Here's an article that appeared in The Herald last month, about a possible sale of The Hub. Unfortunately, it didn't sell, and is now closed.

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