Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tribune Articles about Homecoming

Homecoming Committee: Co-Chairs Scott Gillies and Jackie Scheweigert, Lori Martina, Lorrie Schweigert, Melody Dana, Cathy Spada, Cookie Heirman, Pennee Palmer, Cathy Cline, Kathy Davis, Karen Dawson, Zoe Ingalls

Homecoming Candidates: Carrie Kendall, Denise Raines, Jackie Schweigert, Debbie Wright, Leslie Welch, Lynn Taylor, Pam Christopher, Ruby LeMaster, Karen Lewis, Kathy Lewis, Gail Gammon, Debbie Bachart

Queens Kathy Lewis and Karen Lewis

Homecoming Court: Debbie Bachart, Leslie Welch, Pam Christopher

Articles from the Snohomish Tribune, scans courtesy Chuck Swoboda

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