Friday, February 26, 2010

Roosevelt School, 1963, Mr. Mason

1963 Roosevelt Grade School, Mr. Mason

Row 1: Joanne Seipp, Cindy Grow,Debbie Crawford, Tim Gerard, Harry Renken, Doug Carlson, Frank (Holcomb) Woodbury
Row 2: Chris Mansfield, Fred Pearl, Donny Eskew, Steve (Holcomb) Woodbury, Steve Gerard, George Mansfield
Row 3: ?, Janice Holzerland, Gary Allen, Marty Sickel, Mr. Mason

Roosevelt was a small school between Snohomish and Monroe. This was the 4th, 5th, and 6th Grades. If anyone can identify the remaining unnamed kids, please let me know.
Photo courtesy Harry Renken

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Class Photos- Chuck Swoboda

Chuck Swoboda (absent from many group class pictures)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Everett Herald Feb 21, 2010 Article about Paul Moon

photo by Dan Bates, of The Herald

A wonderful article about Snohomish County Court Commissioner Paul Moon (of SHS Class of 1970) appeared in The Herald on Feb. 21, 2010. The article can be seen online here.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snohomish Tribune- Bike Contest

Snohomish Tribune article featuring many members of the Class of 1970. Seven of the kids won bicycles.

Scan courtesy of Chuck Swoboda

Friday, February 19, 2010

Alumni Golf at Chambers Bay, Feb 18

Thanks to Pat Keaton for organizing a golf outing at Chambers Bay on February 18.

The weather couldn't have been better for playing on this new Scottish links course near Tacoma. Chambers Bay will be the host of the US amateur this year and will host the US Open in 2015. Pictured left to right are Mike George, Mike Carr, Paul Moon & Pat Keaton.

It turns out that Pat Keaton and Mike Carr have lived 15 minutes from each other since the late 70's.
Photo courtesy: Mike Carr

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Central School, 1963-1964 Miss Vincent

Central Elementary School 1963-1964 Miss Vincent

Row 1: Miss Vincent, Nancy Heath, Chuck Swoboda, Caryl Maddy, Ruby LeMaster, Kathy Cline
Row 2: Teri Miles, Mikie Koblik, Linda Blackburn, Donna Thomas, Craig Hansen, Steve Romberger, Loren Lyon, Laurel Brown, Jane Rowe
Row 3: Vicki Gerry, ?, Denise Raines, Bobby Rasmussen, Raymond Peterson, Dale Deierling, Cyndi Taylor, Larry Aney, Mary Kibbie
Row 4. Kris Anderson, Rod Reed, Gordy Taylor, Kris Oleson, Linda Johnson, Ruth Hatfield, Scott Gillies, Richard Crull, Melody Dana

Click on image to enlarge, right click to save. If I have mis-identified anyone, or if you can identify the ?s, let me know.

Scan courtesy of Chuck Swoboda

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Central School 1962-1963 Miss Crawford 4th Grade

Central School 1962-1963 Miss Crawford 4th Grade

Row1: Steve Curnutt, Kris Anderson, Jeffrey Vaughn, Jane Rowe, Gordon Bedker, Teri Miles
Row 2: Kris Johnson, Peggy Hill, Roger McCutcheon, Melody Dana, Mike Crocker, Ruth Hatfield, Jim Gilbertson, Lynn Taylor, Michael Weller
Row 3. Jim Fredrickson, Kathy Davis, Billy Schmidt, Frances McCulloch, Steve Sparagno, Wade Boyd, Con Yoder, Kathy Brown, Chuck Swoboda
Row 4: Lalonie VanHess, Glen Allen, Chris Olson, John Reed, Jean Knutsen, Kurt Thompson, Claudia Crawford, Denise Raines, Paul Morton

If I have anhone misidentified, or if you can identify any of the others, let me know.
Click on image to enlarge, right click to save.

Scan courtesy of Chuck Swoboda

Monday, February 15, 2010

Central School 1960-61 3rd Grade Mrs. Meiers

Central School, 1960-61 3rd Grade, Mrs. Meiers

Row 1: Neil Walker, Teri Miles, Gayle Schwartzmiller, Bob Reynolds
Row 2: Jim Seculich, Jean Knudsen, Melody Dana, Con Yoder, Dale Deierling, Lynn Taylor, Nancy Heath
Row 3: Caryl Maddy, Craig Hansen, Steve Romberger, Joyce Furr, Dave Pehling, Kathy or Karen Walker, Laurel Brown, Mike Crocker, Lyn Aubert
Row 4: Chris Olsen, Henry Vandevanter, Patty Schmidt, Elaine Erickson, ?, Alan Skyles, Kurt Thompson, Steve Marks, Ruby LeMaster

Scan courtesy of Chuck Swoboda
click on image to enlarge, right click to save

If I have anyone misidentified, or if you can identify anyone, let me know

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Central School, 1960

Front Row: Donna Thomas, Roger McCutcheon, ?, Kathy Walker, ?, ? Gayle Schwartzmiller
Row 2: ?, Sandy Troupe, ?, ?, Ruby LeMaster, ? Kathy Brown, ?
Row 3: Don Wright, Doug Crawford, ?, ?,Ruth Hatfield, Christi Dahlbeck, Stephen Sparagno
Row 4: ?, ?, Lauri Steinhaus, Gordy Taylor, Al Praeger, ?, ?

Scans courtesy of Chuck Swoboda. If I have anyone misidentified, or if you can identify any of the others, let me know.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

In Search of Classmates with no contact info

If you know how to contact any of the following Snohomish High School Class of 1970 classmates, please let me (, or Caryl Maddy Thorp (  know:

Rodney Adams
Jacqueline Allaire
Salie Allen
John Altom
Darlene Armes
Lynn Aubert
Linda Barry
Jerry Boden
Marlayna Bollinger
Jeff Boyd
Kathy A. Brown Blair
Cindy Bueler
Connie Cauffman Egelstad
Mark Chaney
Stella Chapman
Dave Christopher
Virgil Collins
Terry Comstock
Paige Conrad
Claudia Crawford
Steve Curnett
Sally Davis
Karen Dawson
Sandra Dehnhoff
Louise Devault
Terry Dickerson
Don Duke
Herb Eddleman
Janet Engstrom
Elaine Erickson
Janine Felker
Harvey Fiskeaux
Karen Ford
Frank Francis
Ken Franz
Pam Galbraith
Rick Gallion
Sam George
Cathy Gilbertson
John Goodrich
Colleen Grote
Eric Hansen
Sue Harkness
Diane Hausserman Schreifels
Cookie Heirman
Chris Hendrickson
Kip Henson
Ernie Hill
Margaret Holt
Tom Johanson
Larry Johnson
Mark Johnson
Cindy Kimbrel
Tom Kluttz
Debbie Krieger
Sue LaComb
Daneen Lady
Valerie Lebar Biddlecome
Lennis Lively
Steve Love
Chris Mansfield
Linda Mason
Patricia Mason
Jim Mathews
Mike McGlinchy
Ruth McNeil
Diane Meritt
Teri Miles
Paul Morton
Vickie Munger
Karen Neumann Hager
Nan Newerf
Chris Newerf
Dea Nitz
Dan Nygaard
Kris Oleson
Chris Olson
Linda Owens
Lorraine Peterson
Debra Powell
Kris Rebbe
Rodney Reed
Bob Reynolds
Mary Riddle
Patricia Rogers
Sharon Roosevelt
Linda Ryner
Karen San Juan
Sam Scott
Joanne Seipp
Bruce Sexton
Kerry Shuler
Alan Skyles
Merilyn Smithson
Jim Snyder
Laurie Steinhaus
Larry Stuvland
Maralee Swanson
Kirk Sweeney
Karen Thomas
Sandy Troupe
Dorothy Vervalen
Janet Ward
Dorothie Wilson
Cheryl Winter
Kim Wolk
Don Wright
Chris Yesland

Friday, February 12, 2010

Photos from the 30th Class Reunion- Seattle Harbor Cruise

Cindy Bueler, Leslie Welch Wills, Lynn Taylor

Melody Dana, Karen Lewis, Gary Danklefsen, Denise Raines Alexander, Kathy Cline Peck

Larry Greenleaf, Renee Hibbert Greenleaf, Joe Thaut

Scott Gillies, Kim Power, Jane Rowe Stimson, Kathi Prater Taylor, Terry Taylor, Kris Johnson Hansen, Craig Hansen, Keith Olson

Loren Lyon, Gloria Lyon, Stan Wiczulis

Dan Parker, Paul Moon, Linda Moon, Mike George

Scans courtesy Renee Hibbert Greenleaf. If I've gotten anyone mis-identified, please let me know

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snohomish Tribune Oct 3, 1964- Punt, Pass & Kick

From the Snohomish Tribune, October 3, 1964, the Punt, Pass & Kick contest. The ball is held by Tom Peters, with Dave Coffman kicking. The others may be: Bob Jones, Mike Bates, Kerry Cottrell and Kai Lindblom. Scan courtesy of Keith Olson

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

40th Class Reunion Invitation and Response Forms

Snohomish High School Class of 1970, 40 Year Class Reunion Invitation and response forms

click on images to enlarge, right click to save, print and mail in.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fobes School Class Picture- 1959

This was a combined class, so some of the classmates graduated in 1969

Top Row, Left to Right: Cookie Heirman, Janet Engstrom, Ann Olson, Kristy Downes, Ken Engelbretsen, Teresa Engelbretsen (deceased), Mark Schoonover, Norma Larsen, Steve Humphries.

Second Row, Left to Right: Patsy Walden, Candy and Wendy Button, Mary Gregor, Jan Berg, Larry Lorentzen (deceased), Colleen (Dolly) Bagwell, Unknown, Kathy Fagan

Third Row, Left to Right: Marina Luepke, Craig Somes, Vicki Klemme, Unknown, Karen Nearing, Terri Dickerson, Susie White, Cindy Weed, MaryLou Kincaid

Bottom Row: Mrs. Blodgett and Wendy Ermence

Scan courtesy Kristy Downes Kelly

1966- Stella Chapman and her band The Tyrants

Newspaper clipping about Stella Chapman, and her band The Tyrants, from 1966.
Scan courtesy of Keith Olson